What is The Vegan Cypress ?


It is a b&b in the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

But then again - it is more than a b&b.


It is a creative concept for those seeking a special and authentic experience.

The perfect combination of holidays, cooking and eating vegan and exploring the breathtaking landscape of Tuscany with your camera.


It is not a hotel - we are small and have only a few rooms.

It is not a b&b - you can have breakfast, but you can eat also lunch or dinner.

It is not a restaurant - we won't serve you but you can help yourself with our yummy treats like you do in your own home.


It is not only a place to sleep - you can cook, you can be social or left in peace, you can take photos with a tutor, book photo tours, join cooking classes for vegan Italian cuisine, be creative, sporty, sleepy, lazy, relaxed, exited - and hopefully happy!


So if it is not a hotel, nor a b&b nor a restaurant - what is it then?

It is your home in Tuscany!

This project is work in progress - we are not open yet.

If you want to read about our adventures how to transform and renovate an old original "podere" (Tuscany farm house) into our Vegan Cypress, you may follow us on Facebook: