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Vegan Recipes · 04. June 2020
A summery, light, low calorie, and healthy salad. Roasted artichokes with red pepper, sweetcorn, and cannellini beans, spiced with hot jalapenos. Convenient to prepare in advance to have it handy when needed, since it tastes better every minute it has more time to marinate.
Vegan Recipes · 09. May 2020
Spicy stuffed potatoes with a filling of beans, corn, onion, topped with a vegan cheesy sauce and served with vegan garlic sour cream. A great side dish for a vegan BBQ or a whole meal with a side salad.

Vegan Recipes · 03. May 2020
Even under the Italian sun sometimes there is this graving for the South East Asian cuisine like this Thai dish. This recipe is of course nothing for people with nut allergy. But if you are OK with nuts, this dish will give you loads of power and proteins while being low in fat.
Vegan Recipes · 29. April 2020
Looks and tastes heavy and rich - but in fact it is a low fat recipe. Enjoy a rich pasta dish with a good conscience. The combo of artichoke and young spinach is unbeatable.