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A summery, light, low calorie, and healthy salad. Roasted artichokes with red pepper, sweetcorn, and cannellini beans, spiced with hot jalapenos. Convenient to prepare in advance to have it handy when needed, since it tastes better every minute it has more time to marinate.

The sourdough toast is topped with homemade guacamole and garlic mushrooms and garnished with roasted peanuts. Full of proteins and healthy avocado oil. It will boost your energy for hours. Healthy and filling lunch or small and lean dinner. As you wish.

A classic for all summer parties and well known from the last Greek holidays – a filo pastry pie. This vegan version is in no ways inferior to the traditional recipe. Filled with fresh spinach and tofu, combined with a delicious cheesy sauce.

There are many ways to stuff a zucchini vegan style. Today I have chosen a filling which comes close to the original meat recipe and which you can eat often in Greece or other Mediterranean countries. It is gratinated with the cheesiest vegan sauce I know.

Brings back lovely memories of trips to South France - but this time plant-based but not the slightest less yummy!