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Large beef tomatoes, stuffed with mushrooms and served with pine nuts pasta. A summery and light dinner or lunch.

A great alternative for sandwiches as a packed lunch. Call it the portable Shepherd's pie…! Baked cakes from mashed potatoes with a spicy filling of mushrooms, onions and tofu. Filling, full of protein, easy to store, to freeze and to prepare in advance. Great to take away for a picnic or for office and school.

If you are tired of the classic pasta lasagne, this might bring a little variety on your meal plan. Potatoes with zucchini and mushrooms, layered in vegan sour cream sauce with cashews, topped with vegan cheesy sauce and roasted pine nuts. Very Italian without being a traditional lasagne.

The vegan option of the famous Swedish “Köttbullar” – here served with a mushroom pasta sauce and tagliatelle. The vegan balls are made with mushrooms, lentils, onions and oats. They are easy to prepare and also taste good as a snack without any sauce.

A traditional Swiss dish, originally served with veal cut into strips. This vegan Zurich Ragout comes with tofu strips instead of the veal, but you can also use seitan if you prefer. The taste o the vegan version is not one bit less tasty and does for sure all vegan Swiss people proud.

If you struggle to find a yummy white pasta sauce which is vegan – try this one full of healthy garlic and Mediterranean ingredients. Creamy yet non-dairy. And very tasty. Nice with all sorts of pasta – it this case we have taken short pasta called penne. But will go very well also with long pasta like spaghetti or linguine.

If you like greens – this is the dish for you. Avocado-Spinach Pesto Pasta, topped with mushrooms and pine nuts. The Italian lust of eating. A spectacle for eye and tongue. It’ll boost your energy as healthy as it is. The young spinach is the secret to the seductive green colour of the pesto.

Rice full of flavour with aubergine, mushrooms, red bell pepper and tomatoes. Filling and low in fat, full of energy for your day, low budget and enough for the whole family. If you don’t tell anyone – they won’t believe it is not real feta bought from the Greek deli shop.

The sourdough toast is topped with homemade guacamole and garlic mushrooms and garnished with roasted peanuts. Full of proteins and healthy avocado oil. It will boost your energy for hours. Healthy and filling lunch or small and lean dinner. As you wish.

Even under the Italian sun sometimes there is this graving for the South East Asian cuisine like this Thai dish. This recipe is of course nothing for people with nut allergy. But if you are OK with nuts, this dish will give you loads of power and proteins while being low in fat.

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