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Vegan Recipes · 14. June 2020
A vegan version of the famous Cornish Pasty in “cheese” & onion style. It just cries out for a wonderful Sunday picnic brunch on the beach of the English coast, doesn’t it?
Vegan Recipes · 10. June 2020
Little savoury cup pies, stuffed with cauliflower and potatoes in spicy kale pesto. A wholesome meal for your lunch box, your picnic, your garden parties.

Vegan Recipes · 13. May 2020
Lovely combination of green asparagus and red onions. With a filling which is so much like a dairy quiche – even the egg taste comes through thanks to Kala Namak (black salt).
Vegan Recipes · 07. May 2020
I just love heirloom tomatoes. Not only the taste – but also the colours. This cup pie brings out the best of the little garden gems. With a juicy tofu-onion filling they are the perfect picnic lunch. A very nice vegan alternative to any quiche.

Vegan Recipes · 05. May 2020
A classic for all summer parties and well known from the last Greek holidays – a filo pastry pie. This vegan version is in no ways inferior to the traditional recipe. Filled with fresh spinach and tofu, combined with a delicious cheesy sauce.
Vegan Recipes · 23. April 2020
Mushrooms in puff pastry. That is easy. But the secret in this recipe is the vegan cheese-creamy sauce which adds the sometimes missing "kick" in vegan dishes.

Vegan Recipes · 21. April 2020
Brings back lovely memories of trips to South France - but this time plant-based but not the slightest less yummy!