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Not only the colours are lovely – also the taste is divine. Spicy hot marinated tofu with vegetables, oriental couscous and sweet and sour pomegranate seeds. This salad gets better with every hour, so make sure to prepare some for your next days lunch as well!

Little savoury cup pies, stuffed with cauliflower and potatoes in spicy kale pesto. A wholesome meal for your lunch box, your picnic, your garden parties.

A great alternative for sandwiches as a packed lunch. Call it the portable Shepherd's pie…! Baked cakes from mashed potatoes with a spicy filling of mushrooms, onions and tofu. Filling, full of protein, easy to store, to freeze and to prepare in advance. Great to take away for a picnic or for office and school.

If you are tired of the classic pasta lasagne, this might bring a little variety on your meal plan. Potatoes with zucchini and mushrooms, layered in vegan sour cream sauce with cashews, topped with vegan cheesy sauce and roasted pine nuts. Very Italian without being a traditional lasagne.

Spicy stuffed potatoes with a filling of beans, corn, onion, topped with a vegan cheesy sauce and served with vegan garlic sour cream. A great side dish for a vegan BBQ or a whole meal with a side salad.