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Very cheesy yet vegan – this aubergine lasagne. Make sure you don’t skip the preparation for the aubergine. It is worth the effort, the aubergine will loose all bitterness and becomes tender instead of shoe sole like. Lasagne tastes best the second day. So it is a great recipe to prepare in advance and to reheat it.

A traditional dish found in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Usually with a lot of cheese. Here in a vegan version. And to make it a bit healthier and a wholesome meal – pimped with fresh broccoli.

Home made pizza is the best comfort food ever. There is nothing better than a slice of pizza in front of the TV on a night in. This version is spicy and substitutes the cheese with a vegan version of feta cheese. The combination of spinach, red onions, feta and black olives is very Mediterranean…

If you are tired of the classic pasta lasagne, this might bring a little variety on your meal plan. Potatoes with zucchini and mushrooms, layered in vegan sour cream sauce with cashews, topped with vegan cheesy sauce and roasted pine nuts. Very Italian without being a traditional lasagne.

This cheese sauce is great to scallop any dish, to put it on a pizza, prepare mac&cheese, cheesy toast etc etc Basically everything where you want to have melted cheese if you were a dairy-eater. Prepared within minutes. And the ingredients have a super long shelf-life, so your pantry can be always well stocked with it in case you need the cheesy sauce.

Stuffed aubergine with Lentils and Rice
Healthy aubergine, stuffed with lentils and rice. Topped with a home made vegan cheese variation. Good to eat cold or hot.

If you ever have a deep graving for some cheesy spread but you don’t like the bought vegan cream cheese options – this vegan feta spread will be the solution. If you don’t tell anyone – they won’t believe it is not real feta bought from the Greek deli shop.

Breaded aubergine slices with vegan parmesan and mozzarella and Mediterranean tomatoes. It can’t be more summer. Perfect for picnic, side dish, appetizer, or with ciabatta bread and olive oil a whole healthy meal.

Spicy stuffed potatoes with a filling of beans, corn, onion, topped with a vegan cheesy sauce and served with vegan garlic sour cream. A great side dish for a vegan BBQ or a whole meal with a side salad.

A classic for all summer parties and well known from the last Greek holidays – a filo pastry pie. This vegan version is in no ways inferior to the traditional recipe. Filled with fresh spinach and tofu, combined with a delicious cheesy sauce.

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