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A classic for all summer parties and well known from the last Greek holidays – a filo pastry pie. This vegan version is in no ways inferior to the traditional recipe. Filled with fresh spinach and tofu, combined with a delicious cheesy sauce.

Even under the Italian sun sometimes there is this graving for the South East Asian cuisine like this Thai dish. This recipe is of course nothing for people with nut allergy. But if you are OK with nuts, this dish will give you loads of power and proteins while being low in fat.

There are many ways to stuff a zucchini vegan style. Today I have chosen a filling which comes close to the original meat recipe and which you can eat often in Greece or other Mediterranean countries. It is gratinated with the cheesiest vegan sauce I know.

The salad is super easy to make and will last two additional days in the fridge. My recommendation is – prepare loads of it and take it with you to school, work, uni, picnic, party… It is the perfect packed lunch.

Vegan Mediterranean Grilled Aubergine Piadina with garlic sauce is a perfect fresh and healthy sandwich for lunch and a must for all garlic lovers. Piadina is the Italian version of flat bread.

Looks and tastes heavy and rich - but in fact it is a low fat recipe. Enjoy a rich pasta dish with a good conscience. The combo of artichoke and young spinach is unbeatable.

Mushrooms in puff pastry. That is easy. But the secret in this recipe is the vegan cheese-creamy sauce which adds the sometimes missing "kick" in vegan dishes.