Cornish Pasty "Cheese&Onion" Style

A vegan version of the famous Cornish Pasty in “cheese & onion" style.

It just cries out for a wonderful Sunday picnic brunch on the beach of the English coast, doesn’t it?


Cornish pasty usually is made with lard, so the dough is not vegan, even if the filling could be.
But it is easy to make a short crust pastry vegan, just make sure, you take strong flour (like bread flour or wholegrain flour), the plain white one won't be elastic enough.


A light lunch, picnic, packed lunch, brunch – Cornish pasty are very versatile.


The recipe will give you 4 large pasties.

For a picnic you could think you doing rather 8 small ones? 


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Have a look at the health benefits of the ingredients in this recipe.

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