Vegan Eton Mess

The traditional English dessert is usually far from being vegan. But only a few alterations and you will be surprised how easy it is to make this divine pudding all vegan.


The summertime is of course the best time for a typical Eton Mess with all the fresh berries being harvested. 


You will need the recipe for vegan meringues for the Eton Mess.

Take half of the amount mentioned in the recipe - this will be enough for the Eton Mess.
Or bake the whole amount of meringues and store them in the fridge (airtight). We did this for 4 days and they were still ok and my daughter loved them as a snack with strawberries.


The recipe contains a little bit of alcohol.
If you cannot/don't want to use alcohol or cooking for kids - just skip this, it is not important for the texture (only for taste).


Make sure that you don't use vegan yogurt which is too liquid. 
We recommend to let it drain in a sieve before using it or to add a bit of pectin. Together with the juice of the berries you will need a straw otherwise...

There is Greek Style vegan yogurt on the market which is more firm - we tried it and found the taste... let's stay polite and say "very special". But maybe you like it - give it a try.


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Have a look at the health benefits of the ingredients in this recipe.

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