Vegan Feta Spread

If you ever have a deep graving for some cheesy spread but you don’t like the bought vegan cream cheese options – this vegan feta spread will be the solution.


Do you remember those Greek food vans in front of the supermarket which were selling feta spread? I haven't seen those for ages, but I used to buy there for a lot of money those feta spreads. And believe me - this spread is at least as good...

If you don’t tell anyone – they won’t believe it is not real feta bought from the Greek deli shop.


The actual production is done in minutes. It just need some hours in the fridge, so best is to prepare it one day ahead.


The secret to the "real feta" taste is the white miso paste - in combination with the other ingredients of course. So don't miss thsi out!

If you don't get extra firm tofu but the tofu in water - make sure to press the tofu for at least half an hour to get rid of all the water. Otherwise the feta won't get this crumbly texture.


You can eat it straight out of the food blender. But it won't be like feta, still it will be a very tasty spread.
But this feta taste and the feta texture it gets through the baking (and afterwards cooling) phase.
As longer you bake it as crumblier it gets. 
As a spread I would bake it approx. 20 minutes. To sprinkle it over a pizza you could do with 35 mins. Try it out what you like most.


You can be creative with this spread (after the baking). Try it with fresh garlic, black olives, mix it with Ajvar, fresh basil... 


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