Vegan Nut-Cocoa-Croissants

To be honest, I am not sure about this recipe. Because it is so yummy that I am not sure if I should eat the croissants for breakfast or for a small snack during the day, as a dessert or with a proper cup of tea in the afternoon…. Too many choices. So, I actually think I did a mistake with the recipe and you should triple all ingredients.

But for a start, let’s be humble. The ingredients will give you 12 small sized croissants.

And I have very good news for you: the puff pastry is ready-made bought in the supermarket! Most of them are vegan. (But still there is the other dough to prepare.) The preparation will take 20 mins – without resting time for the dough and baking time. So, it is fast and convenient, no excuse for not surprising your loved ones on a Sunday morning brunch with freshly baked nut croissants…

It uses agave syrup (sometimes also called nectar) as the perfect vegan alternative for honey.

In my supermarket they sell the dark, strong one or the light and mild one. I went for the latter, but do it at taste.


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