photo geocaching

"As a travel photographer I cannot work anymore since the COVID outbreak. I miss my trips around the world a lot. 

Soon I realised - I am not alone, many people are having the strong desire to see again more of the world and learn about foreign countries and cultures. 

The idea was born - the Online Photo Geocaching Challenges! 

The feedback was amazing - people from all over the world came to join me in this online adventure."

Joana Kruse

Travel to beautiful photo spots around the world and discover the area by solving fun challenges.

It is not a trivia quiz - it is real geocaching where you have to explore, discover, search, and orientate yourself.

It's real fun and a bit challenging.


The final challenge no. 25 is now online - but of course you can play any of them, see list below.

We recommend to use paper and pencil to solve some riddles and to note the code. Just like in old times...!

All answers can be found by doing a clever google (or other search engine) research - and sometimes by using your brain for our brainteasers. It is recommended to do the search in English.
Hint: always read the question carefully and use all important words for your internet search. Sometimes the solution is so close and easy, if you pay attention of little details in your search.... 

From each riddle take the highlighted letter as part of your code you want to crack*. Please use always SMALL letters and pay attention of not typing any blanks at the end. (automated check of the answers won't work in otherwise)


*In some cases there are no highlighted letters and it will be described which letter/number is part of the code.

After submitting, jump to the top of the page/iframe

(If submitting of answers doesn't work, please click also on the link, it might be that Google asks for a reCAPTCHA.)