1. You can come back anytime and correct your answers. Or just solve part of it and the next part another day. You will automatically get an email with a link where you can edit your answers. 

  2. There is no limit how often you can try and submit answers. Try as often as you like and until the code is correct. After all – it is worth it, since you can win high valuable prizes.

  3. Make sure not to enter any spaces or dots or other characters in your answers which don’t belong there. (It happens especially often, that there is a blank at the end, please be careful and delete it.) The answers are checked automatically and will come out as an error although you might know the right answer.

  4. Pay attention of the little details and clues in the questions. If we ask for example for the average weather high according to NOAA – include this clue in your internet research. Most answers will be found rather easily if you do the right internet search with the right keywords. It is all in the question.

  5. Read carefully! If we asked for the km from the airport to the chapel (as an example) – don’t drive from the chapel to the airport. It might be different because of one way streets etc. Again – it is all in the questions.

  6. Use only small letters. It will increase the correctness of the automatic check of your answers.

  7. Correct answers showing as incorrect
    From the feedback of our geocaching players we realised, there might be sometimes a bit of confusion about the automated check for the correct answer.
    As soon as you have a blank too much (at the end for example), the answer is shown as incorrect - although literally correct.
    Unfortunately that is the disadvantage of an automated check. We cannot do anything against it.
    Please, if you feel the answer is correct but still showing as false - double check if there is a blank hidden at the end!
    Good news though - even when this happens, your code will be still correct - and that is all you need at the end to win a ticket!

  8. When you enter the final code, please do it in the format like abcd12efg45hi - please use no commas, dots, blanks etc

  9. Still stuck? Ask your question here: