Pizza Spinaci with vegan Feta


Home made pizza is the best comfort food ever. There is nothing better than a slice of pizza in front of the TV on a night in. 


This version is spicy and substitutes the cheese with a vegan version of feta cheese.

The combination of spinach, red onions, feta and black olives is very Mediterranean…


To make your own pizza dough is really no rocket science. I will never understand why one wants to buy premade in the supermarket. I remember one day when I had friends of my daughter over and I made them a pizza. They were standing with big eyes next to me and asked totally astonished "You can actually make the pizza dough yourself?!?" Yes, you can! And besides the resting time of 30 mins - it'll only take a few moments to knead everything together.


This recipe is with yeast which has to be activated. I prefer it to the other yeast types. It is almost as good as sourdough (also very good for bread baking!).


The recipe refers to the vegan feta spread recipe you may have read already in this blog. If you plan to make this pizza - best to prepare the feta a day or two in advance (or in the morning when you want to have your pizza night in).


If you want to have it even cheesier - you can also top the pizza with the vegan cheesy sauce.


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Have a look at the health benefits of the ingredients in this recipe.

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