Spaghetti al Ragu

This recipe is extremely close in taste to the traditional version in an Italian restaurant. I had several meat eaters over and they never guessed it was a vegan option.


It is made with shop bought vegan minced meat. Make sure you buy a good one for this, one you really like. I buy the frozen one from Waitrose (UK).

There are plenty of options for minced meat. I personally prefer the one made with soy, but if you cannot eat soy, there are tofu, seitan, lentil and other minced options available. 


The sauce is very versatile. I love to take it to stuff vegetables, to prepare a lasagne etc.
You can make the sauce ahead and either freeze it for two months or keep it in the fridge for 3 days. 


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Have a look at the health benefits of the ingredients in this recipe.

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