Summer Pasta Salad

OK, with this recipe I tell you actually a family all-time favourite. For almost 30 years I am preparing this salad and my children loved it when they were small and still do, now being grown up.


I almost always used to be a Vegetarian. But not a Vegan. The original recipe has some Parmesan cheese in it. Since I am vegan, I substitute that with a bit of nutritional yeast in the dressing and it works very well. It gives the salad this slight cheesy touch which completes it.


The salad is super easy to make and will last two additional days in the fridge. My recommendation is – prepare loads of it and take it with you to school, work, uni, picnic, party… It is the perfect packed lunch.

If you do so – you might want to leave the rucola out of it and add it freshly the day you want to it eat the salad. 



The recipe will feed in theory 4 people… But in practice we can eat it in two, we just love it so much… 


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