The Project

Read our regularly updated background stories to see what is going on the bring the project alive.

The idea is to build 4-5 wooden huts and tents of approx. 20 m2 on the land, with enough space in between to give a feel of privacy. The accommodations will be in a romantic olive grove with spectacular views over rolling hills of Umbria for many miles.


The concept derived from the idea of “glamping” (glamorous camping), but goes a bit further, gives even more luxury and privacy. The huts and tents will provide almost the convenience of a little summer cottage yet will give you the chance of living in and with the nature. It is aimed at travellers who are looking for direct contact with nature, but also the comfort of a hotel. Brits, Germans, Scandinavians and Americans have discovered this kind of accommodation as one of their favourites.


The accommodation will be equipped with:

• a Queen size bed

• a separate ensuite bathroom with shower, basin and toilet

• a dining area 

• a little kitchenette with kettle, cafeteria, microwave and fridge

• an outside deck area with chairs and table plus a barbecue


There will be a communal kitchen plus outside dining area (with Wifi reception) to cook and socialise.

The concept will be to “feel at home” and being able to go whenever you want to the fridge and take some – vegan - food to eat. Both organic and local products like fruit and vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, breakfast cereals, plant-based milk, bread, pastry, cakes etc. to cook yourself a meal and to have space in the fridge to store your own food. 


But also precooked food will be offered. For early birds, hikers, cyclists, photographers to prepare a packed lunch. Or to reheat it or barbecue it and to enjoy the meal in the privacy of your own hut or on your deck. 


Read more about our feel at home concept in our blog.


Since you want to feel at home – there won’t be a till or an invoice at the end, but an honesty box. You can decide yourself how much you want to pay. How much was it worth for you, the meal?


The kitchen area will be of course also a place to meet other travellers, playing games together, chatting, showing photos – like in an Italian family, where the kitchen is always the meeting point.


Optional the guests can take part in vegan cooking workshops, photography workshops, and language courses.