Background Stories

Background Stories · 25. May 2020
We all know we must reinvent tourism again to be able to travel without the risk of a new pandemie. You read everywhere about “ecotourism” and that it is the only way for future travels, but most people don’t really know what that means in detail. There are tons of scientific articles on the internet about that subject. Nobody wants to read that. Here are the 13 principles of ecotourism explained in a super easy way by showing the different thinking of an mass tourist and a ecotourist.
Background Stories · 29. April 2020
Although the idea for The Vegan Cypress was born before the COVID-19 outbreak - after the epidemic the concept seems to be more topical than ever. Read our thoughts about mass tourism and COVID-19.

Background Stories · 22. April 2020
In our ecotourism project in Umbria we won't have a restaurant. But we will have (plenty) of yummy vegan food for you. How? Read about our "feel at home" concept.
Background Stories · 14. April 2020
Spoiled for choice... We are starting to get quotes from manufacturers for our glamping accommodation. And are in the phase of decision making if we want to go for the classical glamping pods or for luxury hotel tents.

Background Stories · 02. April 2020
Today was a special day. Our offer was accepted by the sellers and we bought this beautiful country house in Umbria!