Rules and PRIZES

Rules of the Game

You start with a photo. But you will have no information about the photo. For the Photo Geocaching you are challenged to find out first, where the photo was taken and then to answer some questions and solve some puzzles around that location.


Use the internet, similar photo search, google, Wikipedia, the photographers website ( but also other websites to find the required information. Some will be easier – some might be a bit tricky.

It is not a "in which country is the Eiffel Tower" style puzzle. It will be more challenging, more interesting.


By finding all solutions you will discover a code. This code will be your ticket to the lottery for a 100 EUR voucher for The Vegan Cypress. Solve all 25 challenges and take part in the lottery for the one-week-trip to Umbria at The Vegan Cypress.*


Each Friday there will be a new challenge.

All together there will be 25 challenges, the last will be made available in September.


In November there will be the lottery for the one-week-trip to Umbria. and for the travel vouchers.


So even when you start late in September, you will have 2 months time and opportunity to solve all challenges to take part in the lotteries. 


The idea

As travel photographers, the time of the lockdown during the COVID-19 outbreak is of course hard to bear. Therefore, we decided to do at least a virtual trip around the world. Together with friends, future friends, followers, fans and other interested people. And we thought it is a great opportunity to introduce our new project – The Vegan Cypress. It is an ecotourism project in Umbria, Italy. To make the journey more interesting and more challenging – we invented a virtual “Photo Geocaching”. 


The prizes

Among those participants of this Photo Geocaching challenge who succeed to solve all 25 challenges, we will organise a lottery and give away a trip to Umbria, to the Vegan Cypress, for one week for two persons. Including all meals and accommodation and a workshop. The winner can choose between a 1:1 photo tuition in Umbria and/or Tuscany (led by a professional photographer) or a cooking course for vegan Italian cuisine (led by a professional chef). The dates can be chosen flexibly from summer 2021 onward for 2 years. At this time all travels should be safe again.

We also have 25 vouchers of 100 EUR
 to give away for a trip to The Vegan Cypress. For each solved challenge the participants gain 1 ticket to take part in the lottery. As more challenges you solve, as more tickets you gain, as higher your chance to win.

Example: If you solved 5 challenges, you will gain 5 tickets and will have a five times higher chance to win.
The vouchers will be valid from opening time of The Vegan cypress until end of 2023.

The lottery for the vouchers and the one-week trip will be 25 November 2020.

P.S.: All photos of this game are credit and copyright of Joana Kruse -


Each person may only participate one time at the lottery for the vouchers and one time (in addition) for the one-week-trip. The limitation is per person, not per email address!


Why not ask for help on our Facebook page? Or you can give someone a much needed hint... 

(No solutions please, no spoiler, only help and hints.)