Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes · 06. June 2020
Cavolo Nero is a variety of kale which is often used in the Italian cuisine, especially in Umbria and Toscana. In this recipe we use spaghetti with Cavolo Nero to make it perfectly Italian. The green of the cavolo and the red of the tomatoes, the white of the pasta… yes, those are the Italian colours!
Vegan Recipes · 05. June 2020
A traditional dish found in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Usually with a lot of cheese. Here in a vegan version. And to make it a bit healthier and a wholesome meal – pimped with fresh broccoli.

Vegan Recipes · 04. June 2020
A summery, light, low calorie, and healthy salad. Roasted artichokes with red pepper, sweetcorn, and cannellini beans, spiced with hot jalapenos. Convenient to prepare in advance to have it handy when needed, since it tastes better every minute it has more time to marinate.
Vegan Recipes · 03. June 2020
Do you want a sweet dessert which is not unhealthy but still yummy? OK – I don’t pretend this is diet food. But it is by far healthier than any dairy dessert. Easy to prepare in cups to spoon – or in a big bowl for your next party. It will stay in the fridge for at least 3 days.

Vegan Recipes · 02. June 2020
Something for hot summer evenings: a light but filling Mediterranean rice salads. Full of fresh veggies like cucumber, baby spinach, red pepper, olives. Topped with roasted pine nuts. To prepare in advance and enjoy cold. Perfect for picnic and packed lunch.
Vegan Recipes · 31. May 2020
A great alternative for sandwiches as a packed lunch. Call it the portable Shepherd's pie…! Baked cakes from mashed potatoes with a spicy filling of mushrooms, onions and tofu. Filling, full of protein, easy to store, to freeze and to prepare in advance. Great to take away for a picnic or for office and school.

Vegan Recipes · 30. May 2020
Home made pizza is the best comfort food ever. There is nothing better than a slice of pizza in front of the TV on a night in. This version is spicy and substitutes the cheese with a vegan version of feta cheese. The combination of spinach, red onions, feta and black olives is very Mediterranean…
Vegan Recipes · 28. May 2020
Sweet but still light and summery. These pralines are super easy to make and will keep in the fridge for a few days. Great little treats for an in between snack, to offer your guests with a cup of tea or as a present for the host of your next party.

Vegan Recipes · 27. May 2020
A summery sandwich, light and low in fat. With vegan quark. Which you can make yourself by draining vegan yogurt, if you cannot find it in your supermarket. Great for a picnic. Or for school and office lunches.
Vegan Recipes · 23. May 2020
If you are tired of the classic pasta lasagne, this might bring a little variety on your meal plan. Potatoes with zucchini and mushrooms, layered in vegan sour cream sauce with cashews, topped with vegan cheesy sauce and roasted pine nuts. Very Italian without being a traditional lasagne.

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