Vegan Basics

I experimented a lot with hummus, but the best basic recipe I made was this one. You can easily make loads of variations with this basic recipe. Use beans instead of chickpeas, add roasted onions, chilli, roasted vegetables, chopped fresh herbs etc.

Meringues are something definitely not vegan at all. BUT there is an alternative for vegans, which is easy and cheap: Aquafaba, the water of chickpeas. Full of proteins, acquafaba can be beaten like egg white and you can produce extremely yummy meringues with it (WITHOUT any chickpea taste – promised!).

A quiche filling, if you liked to eat it before you turned vegan, has to be fluffy and eggy. Missing it since you eat vegan? No problem, this is the perfect quiche filling and will hardly give away that it is all plant-based.

Vegan quark is a great source for protein and calcium. It can be eaten both savoury or sweet. Unfortunately it is not (yet) very common to find vegan quark in the supermarkets. But you can prepare something similar very easily.

Use it on top of a sponge cake, as a filling for brioche or bake a yummy custard cake with it. All custard fans will be happy to know that this vegan version tastes 1:1 like the dairy option.

Use this like dairy parmesan. Top your pasta with it, gratinate aubergine with it – just use it like dairy parmesan. This will become an essential for your vegan Italian cuisine.

Great substitution for dairy sour cream. Use it as a dip, as a sauce for potato bakes, as a topping for jacked potatoes – basically everywhere, where you would use dairy sour cream as well.

This cheese sauce is great to scallop any dish, to put it on a pizza, prepare mac&cheese, cheesy toast etc etc Basically everything where you want to have melted cheese if you were a dairy-eater. Prepared within minutes. And the ingredients have a super long shelf-life, so your pantry can be always well stocked with it in case you need the cheesy sauce.